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American Made Building has wide ranging experience and skill when performing work for residential projects throughout Northern California. We can tackle projects ranging from single family homes to multi-level complexes for businesses.

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Decks & Fences

Your deck and yard is an extension of your home, where your family and friends can gather. We take pride in making your deck a safe and useful space for you to enjoy all year long. We can accommodate intricate wood work on multi story homes or simple repairs and maintenance to your deck and fence. You can trust that the finished product will be safe and reliable.

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Painting, Siding, Trim & Patching

Over the years our homes endure hot sun, rain, mold, and unwelcomed bug damage, but there's nothing that cannot be fixed to restore your home to what it once was. We pride ourselves on making your home a space that is safe and sound and consider home maintenance to be extremely important. Painting, siding/ trim repair, and patching are handled with care and efficiently so that you can rest assured.

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